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Learn the Mathematics Needed to Solve Real-World Problems

From the satellites that predict weather patterns to the musical creations of Mozart, math is — and always has been — a powerful tool for global understanding and communication. It is integral to all professions including engineering, video game design, and medicine.

The mathematics you engage with are relevant to every STEM discipline and are becoming increasingly important tools in almost all fields of study. Studying math builds critical thinking skills which improves the ability to analyze statistical information in the face of uncertainty, clarify options, model alternatives and consider potential consequences — all which are necessary for success in today’s workplaces.

Math Minors Can Be Paired With Any Degree

At Kettering, we offer two minors through the Mathematics Department to help meet the growing demand for graduates with strong mathematics backgrounds. Here, you’ll find that mathematics is more than a love for numbers. It’s looking longer and harder for solutions in any circumstance, a skill applicable to every career (and your life in general). 

Applied and Computational Mathematics 

With this math minor, you’ll explore theoretical applications in the classroom. In labs and projects, you will gain hands-on experience implementing this theory. You will then put this knowledge to work within your major and during your co-op.  Completing this math minor prepares you to design the next video game, help develop a life-saving medicine or tackle complex problems in business and industry.


Our Mathematics Department designed this minor for the student who has a passion for numbers and data, and wants to understand how to use this information to make decisions. If you’re interested in honing your skills to pursue roles that require statistical analysis, such as data scientist or digital marketer, the statistics minor is worth exploring.

Degrees and Programs Degree type
Applied and Computational Mathematics
Bachelor Concentration Minor Master Online Master Certificate Online Certificate
Bachelor Concentration Minor Master Online Master Certificate Online Certificate

About the Department of Mathematics

The Mathematics Department at Kettering is focused on helping you fulfill your potential and building the skills needed to pursue your passions. Through rigorous mathematical instruction, we will help you develop a strong mathematical background and build the creative and critical thinking skills you will need throughout your career.

Outstanding Faculty

Many of the faculty of the Mathematics Department have been recognized with the Outstanding Teaching Award at Kettering. They have also worked with many students on award winning theses. In addition to excelling in the classroom, the faculty are active researchers looking at problems in probability, control theory, mathematical biology, fluid dynamics, and control theory among others. They have the expertise to help students transition from their first college math course to looking at problems on the cutting edge of engineering, science and mathematics.

Mathematics Department Competitions

In collaboration with other students, you’ll have opportunities to apply the skills you’re learning in your mathematics courses to competitions. Past student teams have won the Student Competition Using Differential Equations Modeling (SCUDEM) event, a mathematical modeling competition that requires advanced knowledge of calculus and differential equations.


At Kettering, we understand that in the real-world problems are not separated by distinct academic disciplines. The Kettering Mathematics Department works closely with the College of Engineering and the Department of Computer Science to ensure students are developing the skills needed for these disciplines. We also realize that mathematics is everywhere and recently offered a course on Math for Social Justice in collaboration with the Department of Liberal Arts.







Department of Mathematics Faculty

You’ll learn from a Mathematics Department with a wealth of knowledge about careers in mathematics. Every professor has earned an advanced degree in math and is active in research. Among the research topics are numerical analysis, high-performance computing, probability distributions in reliability and risk, Gaussian processes, mathematical biology and neuroscience.


Careers in Mathematics

The U.S. Bureau of Labor projects a 33% job growth for careers in mathematics through 2030, a rate much faster than the average. Adding a minor in math or statistics opens the door to many careers in mathematics, including computer engineer, commodities trader, geneticist, financial lawyer, bioinformatics scientist and entrepreneur.

Kettering’s computer science programs are closely linked to our mathematics degrees. Learn more about the connection and the parallel career opportunities for you with the College of Sciences and Liberal Arts.

Math Minors: Foundations for Countless Careers

Whether you’re looking to become an engineer, computer scientist or a different role entirely, mathematics provides the foundation you need to excel in professional roles. Take the next step to towards your career. Reach out for information or apply today.

Meet the Faculty